The aim of this conference is to highlight the theoretical progress of some metaheuristics and their applications in some specific areas, such as bioinformatics, finance, social networks and data mining.
As we cannot consider all heuristics, this conference will be dedicated to the theory and applications of swarm intelligence metaheuristics, including particle swarm optimization, and ant colony optimization.
Swarm Intelligence is a computational intelligence technique involving the study of collective behavior in decentralized systems. Such systems are made up of a population of simple individuals interacting locally with one another and with their environment. Although there is generally no centralized control on the behavior of individuals, local interactions among individuals often cause a global pattern to emerge. Examples of such systems can be found in nature, including ant colonies, animal herding, bacteria foraging, bee swarms, and many more.

  • Theoretical advances of particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization
  • Optimization techniques in dynamic, multi-objective, constrained environments.
  • Grid and distributed computing, machine learning, data mining, data clustering, graph partitioning, and decision making based on swarm intelligence principles.
  • Adaptation and applications of swarm intelligence principles to real world problems in various domains, including medicine, biology, chemistry, finance, insurance, economics, social sciences, transportation, tourism, education, defense, telecommunications, energy, management, information retrieval, software engineering, fraud detection, environment, remote-sensing,
  • Robot swarm,..
Special sessions

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Panel proposals

The organizers encourage scientists and industry leaders to organize dedicated panels dealing with controversial and challenging topics and paradigms. Submissions of original and unpublished work related to swarm intelligence are invited, including, theory, development, and applications. Areas of focus include particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization, foraging techniques, and other swarm intelligence related topics. Authors are invited to submit their original and unpublished work without any limitation to the above related subjects.
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Workshop proposals

We welcome workshop proposals on complementary issues to the topics of this conference.
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Selected papers will be proposed for submission in special issues of selected International Journals

Computers & Operations Research, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Algorithmic Operations Research.